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What is Sweat Man?

Personal Training, Lifestyle and Wellbeing

John Crawford crouching with a medicine ball in the Energize Hammersmith Gym Studio

We are the Sweat Man team, a group of personal trainers dedicated to transforming lives. Each of us have our own set of specialties, but we all have one thing in common. We believe in order to gain results, you have to sweat.

We're obsessed with fitness and we're honest about the reality of it. We've completely changed many people's lives physically, mentally and emotionally because of it. This shared view of fitness and the practical flexibility brought us together to change people's lives forever.

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Surpass your limits

John Crawford overseeing a client's bicep curl training in the Energize Hammersmith Gym Studio

Training alone can be difficult. With expert guidance and motivation, working with a personal trainer has been proven to increase your results. Whether you want to finally get that six pack or find the perfect supplement, a trainer has been through it all and wants to help.

Everybody's fitness goals and lifestyles are different. We recognise that and put that at the forefront of each our sessions. We believe there can be many things keeping people from changing their lifestyles, so we dedicate time to addressing any issues that prevent them doing so, or work our way around it. That is why we invest in specialist portable equipment that allows us to train anywhere. Even at home.

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Edward, 38, Chiswick

I wanted to improve my overall fitness and the only way I could do it was with John pushing me to my limit, the sessions are knackering but you see the results fast.

Harriot, 24, Brook Green

I find going to the gym so boring, so as I was recommended The Sweat Man by a friend and I decided to give it a go and the results have been amazing. I went from hating exercise to loving it. John has given me a fitness education which has made me want to change my habits, once I started I couldn’t go back to the way I was.

Alison, 35, Brentford

The best thing I’ve found about my sessions is that it’s tailored to the exact areas that I want to improve, I’ve been working on the lower half of my body, mainly toning and I can finally after many failed attempts see some definition in my legs and abs.

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Train wherever you see fit

John Crawford crouching with a medicine ball in the Energize Hammersmith Gym Studio

John Crawford has been working meticulously with Rami Abdelal to present to you a proud offering of the latest and greatest in fitness in London, Sweat Man.

Prefer to get fit in the privacy of your own home? Like to get out and work up a sweat with friends? John, an on-the-go specialist Personal Trainer is unique in his ability to use specialised portable equipment and cutting edge techniques, allowing you to get fit wherever is best for you.

Sweat Man not only provides you with you customised, one on one Personal Training, but we also have these cool Packages. They are designed around a specific goal and are excellent for getting you what you want and when you want it.

Getting results from dieting can be tricky. That’s why Sweat Man advocates healthy, no non sense diets and lets you know exactly how what you eat will affect you.

If you’re like me and you like to make friends or even get a bit competitive, the Sweat Man Fitness Club is a group personal training event held once a week in various parks, gyms and studios. Join in on the fun and make your new years resolutions last!

Portable Equipment

Slosh balls are the ultimate solution to on-the-go fitness. Filling them up with water adds to their weight, so you don’t need to be in a gym to challenge yourself.

The water in equipment like slosh balls and aqua bags also pose another attribute, inertia. Fighting the sway of the water inside portable equipment is a great way to test and hone balance.

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