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Photo of the founder of Sweat Man, John Crawford.
John Crawford

Strength & Conditioning, Plyometrics & Agility, Circuit & Kettle-Bell Training, and Cross-Fit Training.

A portrait photo of Ben Starke, Personal Trainer.
Ben Starke

Spin, Circuit, Exercise to Music, Football, Athletics, Yoga

Portrait photo of one of our trainers, Moni.

Female Only, Group Aerobic Training to Music, Advanced Fitness, Resistance and Cardiovascular Training.

John Crawford has been passionate about fitness for his entire life and it is what drove him to become a Personal Trainer. This passion urged him to establish Sweat Man and it continues to reflect in his studies and exciting training techniques.As well as training clients of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds, John proceeds with gaining even more knowledge, despite being fully qualified in Personal Training & Dietary Advice, with further credentials earned in Strength & Conditioning, Plyometrics & Agility, Circuit & Kettle-Bell Training, and Cross-Fit Training.

His experience and proven commitment has added a vast amount of exercises and unique equipment to his repertoire, which has made him a specialist at training his clients in any venue.


John believes exercise should be fun and challenging. It not only keeps you fit and healthy but helps your body look and feel younger.

Fitness is also important to all walks of life if you want to avoid injury, aches and pains from unbalanced muscle structure, bad posture or anatomy alignment. These can even lead to life stresses or permanent injury!

We believe fitness isn’t a chore, and that you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to exercise. That’s why we come to you. We listen to your needs and adapt to your lifestyle.

We’re involved in every step of the way. So before you know it, your new lifestyle will make daily tasks easier. It’ll even leave you with extra energy for the children or a hot new date. You never know, that marathon may still be in you yet.

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