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Free Consultation and Analysis

To surpass limits we must know them

Becoming fitter is quite a vague goal. People can end up in a gym wasting time, money and effort without any guidance. They might even find themselves having gained no results at all. Understanding your goals and preparing to meet them is an essential step to changing your body. Without a plan, your efforts will go to waste and your motivation will plummet.

Our consultations prevent that from happening. We measure and analyse your metabolic rates, fat levels, posture and performance to establish a baseline. Progress is recorded to ensure every moment is spent wisely.

Personalised Nutritional Plan

Calculated precisely

Managing your food intake plays a huge role in improving your fitness levels. You can't lose weight if you're eating too much and you can't gain weight if you're eating too little.

Creating a diet that is simple to follow and considers many aspects of your lifestyle is integral to improving your health and gaining results. We work with you. We focus on your goals to carefully plan your regime to ensure a successful body transformation.

Tailored Exercise Programme

Built for you

In order to stay competitive, your exercise routines need to be challenging yet manageable. We believe you should be comfortable with the exercises we plan for you, so we put a lot of thought into your morale, recovery time and what will make you feel good when building a programme. That being said, everybody wants results and the only way you can achieve them is by pushing yourself. We know the best way to do that, and how to make it a lot of fun along the way.

Train anywhere

The gym isn't the only place in the world

Routines are good but variety is important. We encourage outdoor exercise when the weather's nice and we can even train at home. Thanks to our clever investment in portable equipment, we can hold our sessions just about anywhere with a bit less weight but a lot more fun!

Motivation and Support

You're not on your own

Exercise is difficult by nature. It's not meant to be easy, but that's why we do it. Bettering yourself is a commemdable endeavour and we reward you for every ounce of effort you put in. Our personal trainers spend time with you to bring out your best and help you show it to the world. When it gets the toughest, we're here to remind you that you're not alone. And you're awesome.

Free Massage Session

Cool down and relax for half an hour, on us!

We're all about rewards here at Sweat Man. When you buy any of our packages, you get a free 30 minute massage. Treat yourself.

Step up to fitness

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