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Edward, 38, Chiswick

I wanted to improve my overall fitness and the only way I could do it was with John pushing me to my limit, the sessions are knackering but you see the results fast.

Harriot, 24, Brook Green

I find going to the gym so boring, so as I was recommended The Sweat Man by a friend and I decided to give it a go and the results have been amazing. I went from hating exercise to loving it. John has given me a fitness education which has made me want to change my habits, once I started I couldn’t go back to the way I was.

Alison, 35, Brentford

The best thing I’ve found about my sessions is that it’s tailored to the exact areas that I want to improve, I’ve been working on the lower half of my body, mainly toning and I can finally after many failed attempts see some definition in my legs and abs.

Ben, 42, Hammersmith

I used Sweat Man to lose some weight and I managed to hit my target with a great plan, tips and some really grueling exercise that was designed just for me, it was hard work, but very enjoyable and very rewarding.

Claire, 28, Chelsea

I’m addicted to the group personal training Fitness Club, I always feel really pumped up and charged after a session.

Georgie, 37, Hammersmith

I was bought six sessions as a present and I could see my body toning up so quickly that I carried on with sessions. I’ve found John to be very motivational and his classes have always been hard work but fun.

Gemma, 32, Fulham

I pay to go to a gym, but I used Sweat ManĀ  to help me get my technique and form right when exercising, I use the skills that I’ve been taught at the gym knowing that I’m not damaging my body while exercising.

Harriet, 34, Battersea

I decided to get a personal trainer after my second baby, and I felt the results almost straight away. I don’t have motivation or time to get to the gym, but with John there training me I couldn’t hide behind excuses and take it easy.